søndag 20. mars 2011

Australia, accident, hospital, dragrace......


I am now in Australia after cycling a while in South America. To describe this trip isn't easy. For luck of any motivation I just went around in Bolivia,Brazil and Peru without a special destination. I thought first to run down to Argentina but then I went back to Peru without finding happiness in biking.

I have actually rode here before and I could not see the point of riding my bike here that soon again since my plane was to go around the world. My plane is now going through Australia Asia Middle East Europe and back to Norway.

After much back and forth I finally came to Australia, to Sydney. I found motivation again and rode north with good hope. Very Nice people here and a beautiful scenery with many beaches

After only 3 weeks on the bike here, I was hit by a semi trailer. According to the circumstances it didn't end up to bad. The bike is fairly alright, a wheel is out of line and the luggage carrier was destroyed. One bike bag went down 30 meters a slope. Although I have a small fracture on my spine and was hospitalized for one week.

I am now with a brace and I not allowed to ride a bike for 6 weeks (still 4 weeks to go) I have to see a spine specialist on the 13th of April. He will tell me whether all turned out well and whether I can carry on. The driver stopped briefly and carried on. The hospitalization is free here for Norwegians. It's a agreement on both sides.


Whilst I was in the hospital here many room mates invited me to there homes to help me to feel better. Everyday I was invited by somebody else. Sometimes I was afraid that soon they would get tiered of the biking viking. I experienced the people very closely and they took me even to drag race.

I have planed to fly back 1st of June to Norway to renew my travel insurance. Someone must be a member of the Norwegian health insurance to get this benefits. But also will loose it if you don't show up for more then one year.
Though it that I can be home a few months and work and earn some money to hit the road again
I hoped to see India before I go home, but will spend the rest of my time here in Australia. So very much to see and new experiences here. I will be diving in the world's largest coral reef. Experience of Aboriginal culture and cycle a bit more before I go home.

Still alive:)))))

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  1. Hi Rune,

    What an awesome ride?! Happy to hear that you found your motivation again!

    Get well soon and take care!

    Best wishes from Germany!
    (a guy you met in an internetcafé in cape coast, ghana '08)

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  3. Heyb Dennis.

    Thank you.
    Hope you ar ok.\
    still travel?


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  5. No, unfortunately I have to work right now to earn some money for the next trip. I'm really looking forward to travel again.

    Hope you are feeling better! Take care, man!

  6. Flott at du er bedre, lykke til videre på ferden. Fantastisk at noen kan gjøre slike ting, ofre seg for at andre skal få det bedre - jeg bare tar av meg hatten og hanskene!
    hilsen en god venninde av tante Randi